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Can CBD help you sleep ?

It’s not surprising with our stressful and hectic lives many adults suffer from a lack of sleep.  Whether it’s stress or pain keeping you awake at night our CBD sleep aids with melatonin can help you get that much needed sleep you deserve!  Lack of sleep can lead to more stress and unproductive days, so it’s imperative to get a good nights sleep.  CBD Brothers USA offers two convenient ways to get your nighttime CBD.  We have an easy to swallow gel capsule that contains 25mg of CBD and 1mg of melatonin.  Or you can choose a dissolvable tablet that is placed under your tongue 30 minutes prior to bed.  Our dissolvable CBD sleep aids come in two strengths.  With our 25mg of CBD and 5mg melatonin or 10mg CBD and 5mg melatonin we are sure you’ll find the right combination to help you get that sleep!

CBD sleep aids with melatonin can be a great alternative to prescription sleeping pills. Many people who take traditional sleeping medications often report negative side effects such as drowsiness and depression. Our CBD sleep aids provide a natural alternative without the unwanted side effects. Before stopping any prescription sleeping medications or taking any CBD sleeping aids you should consult with your physician first.

CBD Brothers in Columbus Ohio offer a variety of the best CBD sleep aids on the market.  Shop now and join our many customers who are experiencing a better nights sleep!

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