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CBD softgels

What are CBD softgels?

CBD softgels and tablets are a very convenient method to consume your CBD. They can be swallowed quickly and the dosage is always consistent, which is important to those who want to be precise with their CBD dose consumption.  They can be taken with or without food, however when taken with food it may delay the time someone feels the desired effects.  Unlike our line of sublingual CBD oils, the softgels take longer to feel the effects due to the digestion process.  We offer both CBD isolate and a broad spectrum CBD softgels.  The CBD softgel isolate contains only the cannabinoid CBD, while our CBD softgel broad spectrum formula contains over a hundred different cannabinoids.  Some people find it more beneficial to flood the endocannabinoid system in our bodies with all CBD, while others benefit from the synergistic effect of all the amazing cannabinoids from the hemp plant. 

Like all of our products our CBD softgels are all natural and vegan friendly! 

You can buy our CBD softgels online and pick up at our store in Columbus Ohio, or you can opt to have our CBD softgels shipped quickly and discretely to your home.

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