CBD BROTHERS USA is a CBD company in Columbus Ohio. With the recent legalization of CBD products federally and in Ohio we wanted to ensure residents in the greater Columbus area had access to quality products. As a nurse with 20 years of experience I’ve seen a significant rise in people seeking options for pain relief other than highly addictive opiates or the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, which both can have significant side effects with long term use. As a consumer of CBD products, I have experienced the benefits for both my physical and mental health. It was important for me to share this knowledge with others, so my brothers and I started the company. We offer a variety of CBD gummies, CBD topicals, CBD sleep aids,  pet CBD chews, and more!

CBD has been used for literally thousands of years for physical and mental health problems. With no known significant side effects, it is a natural way to ease some of the most common health issues that many of us experience daily.

We would not promote or put our name on a product we do not believe in. We have personally benefited from our products and helped many of our own family members find relief with CBD. We continue to get positive feedback from our new customers saying that our products have improved their quality of life. Although our primary goal was to service the Columbus Ohio area, we understand that it is not feasible for everyone to stop by our physical location. That is why CBD Brothers USA created an ecommerce option, so you can order quality CBD online.

Although CBD products have been around for many years they have been underutilized and under studied by the scientific community due to governmental restrictions. The good news is that it has been legalized by most local governments, so more studies on the benefits and uses of CBD are being released regularly!

After getting feedback from the consumers in our community a major barrier for most people was cost. For this reason, we sell all of our products for at least 10% less than other CBD stores!  If you find the same product we sell online for less please text or email us and we will provide you with a 20% off coupon!  We also cover the cost shipping, so all your CBD orders ship free!

All our products are animal free! We strive to offer a healthier product, but never compromise on taste! Our customers love our green apple and watermelon flavored gummies. We also offer a line of CBD pet products for our furry loved ones. We have tasty treats for your dogs and cats.