Happy Fruit Grape Escape |15mg Delta-9 THC Each Gummy


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The Happy Fruit Rosin gummies manufactured by Klutch contain genuine THC (Delta 9), which is derived from Live Rosin. Live Rosin is a concentrate that is naturally gathered from cannabis plants. Because it does not contain any solvents, the amount of terpenes that it contains is significantly higher. Live Rosin is extremely difficult to obtain. Avoid getting this confused with “Live Resin,” as Live Rosin is a much rarer and exclusive substance.

Klutch has designed Rosin Happy Fruit Gummies, each with a mouthwatering flavor and encased in a gummy that is suitable for vegans.

Grape Escape. Fruity and sweet grape flavors. These delicious and relaxing gummies each contain 25mg Full Spectrum Rosin with 15mg D9 THC. This calming formula complies with the farm bill because each gummy contains less than 0.3% THC.

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