Apple Bliss D8/THC-V 1G


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Sativa Uplifting Effects
• 1G Delta 8 & THCV
• Terpene Strain: Apple Kush
• No VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT,
or other cutting agents
These Energizing and Focusing
rechargeable vapes each have 300
puffs and contain 1 gram of Delta
8/THCV with Apple Kush
terpenes and natural fruit flavoring.
All products are third party lab
tested for heavy metals, residual
solvents, pesticides, and potency.

Note- THCV, which is not psychoactive, is known to provide energy and focus, making it perfect for those looking for an edge during the day. THCV may also help supress apetite which may help those looking into weight loss/ Fasting.

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