500Mg CBD Vape Max


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Looking for a tasty and affordable CBD Vape? This high-quality CBD disposable vape pen contains 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD per device. This disposable CBD vape comes pre-filled and is ready to use out of the package. It is slim and discreet, and the perfect option for on the go, driving, or lounging around! Each vape also contains about 1500 puffs!

This disposable vape contains no nicotine and no THC, it is free of addictive chemicals and is the perfect alternative to nicotine vaping. The flavors are fantastic, the vaping sensation is extremely smooth, and best of all you can stop whenever you want without negative nicotine withdrawals!

Device Specs:

1000mAh Battery
Up to 1500 puffs per device, depending on user
6mL of CBD E-Liquid
Contains 500mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Distillate

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