Delta-8 THC Sleep Support Gummies 1200mg


Short Descriptions

Potency per gummy: 40mg

Potency per bag: 1200mg

Fruit punch gummies with Delta-8 THC + CBD:CBN+Melatonin

Our Night Time gummies are infused with a blend of 10mg Delta-8 THC, 20mg Premium Full Spectrum CBD derived from hemp, 10mg CBN and 1mg of Melatonin.  40mg combined cannabinoids per gummy.  Comes in packs of 30 (1200mg total). CBN may help temper the energetic aspects of Delta-8 THC to bring a comfortable and calming body-focused feeling. This blend could be perfect for peaceful nights and taking it easy.  Made from 100% US Grown Hemp, and Farm Bill Compliant.
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